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Hisako delivers goods to customers nationwide. Customers who purchase products at Hisako will apply the following shipping policy:

1./ Shipping fee

Customers receive completely free shipping for all orders nationwide.

2./ Delivery time

Goods will be delivered within 2 – 3 days after ordering.

In case the goods arrive earlier or later, the customer will receive a notification from the consultant via Facebook Messenger.

3./ Customer’s responsibilities

– The customer is responsible for receiving the goods when they are delivered. If the shipper cannot contact the customer, the goods delivered more than 3 times will be refunded.

– In case the goods are past the delivery time, if the customer still wants to receive them, they can contact the consultant directly via Fanpage Hisako for instructions.


– Customers please carefully check delivery information before ordering.

– Customers please provide complete and accurate delivery information to ensure timely receipt of goods.

– During the transportation of goods, if any losses such as loss or damage of goods occur, Hisako will be responsible for handling them for the customer.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact via Facebook Messenger using the link below: