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Hisako is always committed to providing customers with genuine, quality products, bringing real value to customers.

At Hisako, we value customer satisfaction. That’s why we always pay close attention to providing the best products, quality assurance and customer service.

To ensure that customers always receive products that meet their wishes and requirements, we offer a return policy as follows:

1/ Exchange policy:

When customers buy products at Hisako, if they want to exchange products, they need to meet the following regulations:

– Exchanges only apply within 72 hours from the time you receive the product.

– The exchanged product is in its original, unopened condition as when packaged.

– You have the right to exchange for other products of equal price. Or exchange for another product and receive a refund or additional payment.

– Promotions do not apply to returned products.

2/ Instructions for returning goods:

You can exchange products by sending a message to Facebook Messenger to receive guidance and exchange support from a Hisako consultant using the link below:

3/ Conditions for returning goods

In case the product has a manufacturing defect, is scratched, dented during shipping or was delivered incorrectly, you have the right to return the product if there are enough photos and videos recorded during the opening process.

4/ Refund policy

Hisako will refund you 50 times your money if it detects fake, counterfeit or poor quality goods. Please provide your bank account number so we can transfer the refund to you.

Hisako always wants to bring the most perfect satisfaction to customers. Thank you!