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Purchase Policy

Step 1: Find out product information

Customers visit the website or fanpage of Hisako to see full information about the product, including:

– Ingredients, uses,… of each product

– Promotions and incentives are currently being applied

– If you have any questions, customers can contact Hisako consultants via Facebook Messenger for support.

Step 2: Choose product

– After fully understanding the product information, customers proceed to select the product or product set they want to buy

– Customers can choose products according to their needs, purposes of use, or according to current promotions.

Step 3: Provide delivery information

To place an order successfully, customers need to provide complete delivery information including:

– Name of consignee

– Delivery address

– Phone number

– Delivery time

Customers can provide delivery information via the Hisako fanpage by route


Step 4: Payment

Hisako supports a variety of payments, including:

– Payment via bank transfer.

– Payment upon delivery (COD)

Customers choose the payment method that suits their needs.

Step 5: Receive goods

– After successful payment, customers will receive the goods within the specified time.

– If you have any questions during the ordering process, customers can contact Hisako for support.

* Some notes when purchasing Hisako milk

– Customers should carefully check product information before ordering.

– Customers should provide complete and accurate delivery information to ensure timely receipt of goods.

– Customers should choose a payment method that suits their needs.

– Customers should contact Hisako for support if they have any questions during the ordering process.