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Causes and remedies for hair loss and baldness in men

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Hair loss and baldness in men is a common problem in modern society. Both of these problems often cause stress and self-esteem in men, affecting their spirit and mood. Hair loss is a natural process that everyone experiences, but when it is excessive and prolonged, it can be a sign of certain health problems or genetic factors.

The causes of hair loss and baldness in men can be diverse, including genetic factors, hormonal changes, stress, unbalanced diet, as well as the use of unhealthy chemical products. Besides, age is also an important factor contributing to hair loss in men.

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However, not everyone has to accept this situation without doing anything. There are many effective methods and therapies to reduce hair loss and baldness. Please refer to the article below to identify and find the right solution to fix your hair condition!

Causes of hair loss and baldness in men

Hormones and genetics cause hair loss

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If someone in your family has hair loss or baldness, there is a high possibility that other relatives will also experience this same condition.
This process is due to changes in certain hormones in the body that shrink hair follicles and cause similar baldness in men.

Having some diseases that cause hair loss

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Some thyroid diseases, anemia, iron deficiency, low-protein diet, and diabetes are the causes of hair loss and baldness in men.

For people who are using medication to treat certain diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, gout, cancer, etc., hair loss can also occur due to side effects of the medication.

Some other causes of hair loss

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  • Due to changes in living environment
  • Due to the harsh working environment:dust, high temperature, pollution,…
  • Due to shock and stress, hair loss occurs.
  • Due to infection, fungus on the skin can cause the scalp to become scaly and cause hair loss.
  • Due to traction: Men with long hair often tie or bun their hair, causing the scalp to be pulled tightly, which can cause temporary hair loss.
  • Alcohol, cigarettes, the habit of pulling hair, washing hair incorrectly, going to bed with wet hair… are some bad habits that can easily cause baldness in men.

How to overcome hair loss and baldness in men

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Baldness and hair loss are common problems that affect many men worldwide. However, there are many effective remedies you can do to minimize this condition and restore your bouncy hair. Here are some methods you can try:

  • Proper hair care: Use hair care products suitable for your scalp type and avoid washing your hair too many times a week to avoid losing the scalp’s natural oils.
  • Lifestyle changes: Eating healthy, exercising regularly and avoiding stress can help improve hair and scalp health.
  • Use specialized hair care products: Choose products that can help stimulate new hair growth and prevent hair loss.
  • Intensive treatment: Treatments such as scalp lithotripsy, laser therapy, or hair transplantation are also options to overcome baldness and hair loss.
  • Limit the use of chemical products: Avoid using too much gel, wax or dye that can damage hair structure and cause hair loss.
  • Visit a specialist: If your hair loss becomes serious, consult a specialist for timely advice and treatment.

By performing the above measures regularly and combined with patience, you can minimize hair loss and baldness and regenerate healthy hair. Don’t forget to take measures appropriate to your specific condition and always follow instructions from experts.

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The Hisako product set is not only a regular hair care product but also a solution for common hair problems such as hair loss, dryness, split ends, thinning hair and baldness.
With natural ingredients and fast-absorbing Japanese CMC technology, it promises to help hair grow ten times faster. The Hisako product set promises to bring positive results to users.

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Each Hisako product has its own characteristics and brings many benefits to your hair:

  • Hisako shampoo cleans the scalp and reduces inflammation, making hair healthier.
  • Hisako conditioner helps keep hair soft and smooth, solving many hair damage problems.
  • Hisako hair spray quickly penetrates the scalp, reducing hair loss and stimulating hair growth.
  • Finally, Hisako capsules contain essential minerals and vitamins to help restore hair from the inside, promoting comprehensive hair growth.

With those advantages, Hisako is confident that it is the most comprehensive set of hair care products, bringing memorable experiences to customers in their hair care journey!

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